Avoid stagnation, it is the Death of Desire

Avoid stagnation, it is the Death of Desire

I’m not scared of much, except stagnation. Progressing the skill of strength is more than just putting heavy weights overhead. It’s a pursuit of discipline of mind and body.

I have learned a lot about my training over the past couple of years. Since mobility was my weak point, I made it my practice. My body used to be so tight that even attempting to sit cross legged was a chore. It took years, but step by step, I become able to access more acute positions.
The crazy thing is that the more mobile I became, the stronger I’ve gotten. At 32 I am the strongest I’ve ever been. I am the most mobile and flexible that I’ve ever been. But it was the application of this newfound mobility that turned on my inner fire and passion for kettlebell training.

Since strength is your craft, it must be maintained and studied to progress your abilities. Your practice is more than lifting weights, it is mental and physical training. To show up each and every day reveals your character. So, are you going to get after your mobility and take control of your study no matter how tedious it is? I hope the answer is yes.

Avoid stagnation, it is the death of desire. Instead, desire something greater. Be better than you were yesterday. Master your skills to master your strength. The journey is worth the work.

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