The Double Snatch Ladder Challenge

Here it is… The Double Snatch Ladder Challenge

This workout was brutal. You will start at one repetition and end at five repetitions. Each set will consist of a double front raise to chest level, to head level, then a proper double snatch. Each set will be ended with a double press respective to each rung of the ladder.

I immediately noticed that I lost my balance on each rep if I didn’t come to full hip extension. Also, I had to ensure that my feet stayed firmly rooted on the ground on each progressive front raise and snatch.

If you’re feeling saucy, go from 1,2,3,4,5 reps, then back down, 4,3,2,1. Due to time restrictions, I only went up the ladder. I’ll need to keep working conditioning and technique to achieve all 9 sets of this killer combo.

My advice: before going higher than double 24kgs (those were my selected weights), make sure that your technique is on point on the progressive front raise snatch. This exercise will teach you a soft catch during the double snatch. You don’t want to bang your wrists whatsoever. Remember, clean reps look and feel the best.

If your shoulders weren’t fried from the progressive front raise snatches alone, the presses at the end of each set will get you. Make sure to keep your butt squeezed, abdominals engaged, and a tight grip on the bells’ handles. Let me know how you did on this one! I’m sore af today.

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