Flow Style – Battlebells Challenge for Creativity, Purpose, and Intention

Flow Style

Battlebells Challenge for Creativity, Purpose, and Intention

Kettlebells are my everything. Their versatility, utility, and dynamic mix of grinding and ballistic movements make them my go-to choice for daily training. The beauty of the kettlebell’s effectiveness is only limited by one factor – our desire to fit between the lines, identify ourselves, and presume superiority in our training style. It is with regret that I see kettlebell enthusiasts arguing over “the best method” of training. Shouldn’t we be uplifting one another toward the goal of sustained self-improvement?

With this in mind, I have set out with my worthy East Coast peer, Kelly Manzone (@kellsbells88), to create the first #battlebellschallenge. With kettlebell in hand, our hope is to inspire our network of fitness enthusiasts to explore their inner creativity while demonstrating physical prowess and progression.

Starting Wednesday, March 29, Kelly and I will explore the benefits of complex kettlebell flows, strength and power movements, and physical progression through 5 unique challenges. To inspire our peers, Kelly and I will show our challenges side by side, offer tricks and resources, and accept input from our peers on their own distinct versions of kettlebell training.

Our goal is purpose: intentional training to reach our goals, eliminating a need for “identification,” and contributing to the progression of kettlebell training in a meaningful way.


“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” – Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee had it right. I would much rather get after it than sit around arguing about training philosophies. If there is a methodology that better suits an individual, purpose, or intention, go with that method! Kelly once told me, “When a bell is in my hand; I completely tune out all background noise and tune in to training.” I love this…. Because I’m the same way. Give me a GS (Girevoy Sport) bell, or a hard style bell, and I’ll push it to the limits of my physical capacity. 

  • Into Kettlebell Sport? Awesome! Nice long cycle bro!
  • Do you like Hardstyle? Wowzers! Power to you comrade!

 Two Styles Don’t Define Us – They Help Us Grow

 The two main styles in kettlebell training, Girevoy Sport and Hardstyle, produce incredible athletes with high thresholds of strength, power, and endurance. I have nothing but respect for both schools of thought. But, in my own training, I yearn for overall advancement of my physical aptitude through the best methods and tools available to me. My kettlebell training has combined breath work and fluidity of Girevoy Sport, with the intensity and power orientation of hardstyle into a hybrid version I refer to as “flow style.”  Kelly Manzone also stylizes her training as a “hybrid.”

 A proper definition of training styles helps us in many ways. Girevoy Sport and Hardstyle are the foundations from which the seed of self-improvement sprouts. When the seedling grows, it is free to spread its leaves, take input from its environment, and ultimately choose its direction and pattern of growth. Kelly and I strive to blossom our training, and help others to do the same.

 The #battlebellschallenge is about creativity, purpose, and intention. Every 2 days, Kelly and I will post our compilation videos on Instagram and Facebook. To express my gratitude, I will be giving away TWO HARDSTYLE BELLS from the best kettlebell manufacturer in the world, KettlebellsUSA (@kettlebellsUSA). Here’s how it works:

 One male and one female will win their own bell by KettlebellsUSA. To enter, participants must:

  1. Follow @johnparker__, @kellsbells88, @kettlebellsUSA
  2. Complete, film, and post all the challenges that Kelly and I produce
  3. Film and post their own unique challenge on Instagram

Kelly and I will choose winners based on their participation, unique challenges, and demonstration of safe, effective training.

As I finish my morning cup of Yerba Mate, writing this article has brought a smile to my face. To see inspired self-improvement is my worthy goal for you. I hope to see you on Instagram and Facebook. Keep flowing.





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