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I put together a short video on my “game changers” of 2017. What’s made the biggest difference in my health? These are easy recommendations that I use to feel my absolute best…

1. Probiotics – I use Prescript Assist probiotics, which are soil based and provide unique strains of bacteria. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my digestion and cognitive ability. I seldom get tickles in my throat or feel any sort of sickness. I take 2 per day.

2. HRV – Heart Rate Variability. Each morning I post my day’s HRV score on Instagram. My preferred app is HRV4Training (about $12). It measures the time between my heartbeats to give me an indicator of how hard, or when not to train for the day.

3. Sleep Cycle App. This is a free app that you can use to wake you up over the course of 5-30 minutes. I find it eases me into my day without the stress of an alarm clock. It’s been accurate at measuring my sleep cycles so I can see when I get the best REM and most restful sleep.

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