How to Kettlebell Swing

How to Kettlebell Swing

How to Kettlebell Swing

Here is a brief tutorial on the hard style kettlebell swing. The swing is one of my favorite exercises because it has tremendous benefits to power development, conditioning, strength, and is safe for both novice and expert athletes.

Tools and Resources Used in This Video

Resource #1: hip hinge against the wall, then with a dowel rod
Resource #2: kettlebell deadlift to pendulum
Resource #3: dead stop swing to full kettlebell swing

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Hey guys, this is John Parker.
I wanted to make a video for
you on the kettlebell swing.

The reason I love the kettlebell swing
is that it’s a safe exercise that’s great
for power development and conditioning.

So, let’s get started with
the way I like to teach
the kettlebell swing.

Start eight inches away from a wall,
push your hips back into the
wall so that your butt touches.

This is how we will learn the hip hinge.
Using a broom stick or dowel
rod for proper alignment
make sure that the butt,
upper back, and head
continue to touch the dowel
rod as you do your hip hinge.

We’re gonna start out kettlebell swings
by deadlifting the kettlebell.

Notice how I have a
slight bend in the knees.
Push the hips back,
grab hold of the bell,
and simply push away from the ground.

You should reverse this process
on each rep of the kettlebell deadlift.
Our next step is to grab
hold of the kettlebell
in our swinging position.

We won’t go through a full swing yet,
rather learn the rhythm of the
pendulum of the kettlebell.

Notice how I’m keeping
my back completely flat
allowing my arms to stay straight
and following the pendulum.
Our next step is a fun step.

It is the deal stop swing.
Notice how I park the bell
between each repetition.

The fun part here is that we actually
stand up into our swinging
position with power.
Our final progression
is the kettlebell swing.

I hinge my hips, tilt the bell back,
hike it between the legs,
and stand up with force.

I’m locking out my glutes
at the top of each repetition
keeping my arms straight,
and making sure that
my form is impeccable.

Alright guys, these are
some steps to perfect
your kettlebell swing.

One of the best things that
you can do is to film yourself.
Compare the video of you
doing kettlebell swings
to an expert who is done
kettlebell swings for years.

This is a nuanced movement
that will take some practice to define.
But you’ll find the
conditioning, strength,
dynamic benefits of the exercise
are worth the time and practice.

Thank you very much.

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