Indulge in Life, Not Cookies

Indulge in Life, Not Cookies

Life Itself is the proper binge.

Julia Child

What do you find value in? There is no wrong answer here – as long as your goals provide you with lasting self- worth. To apply successful dieting and regular movement, I want you to think of the path of least resistance. Is your life’s mission to eat cookies, drink beer, and Netflix and chill? If it is, that sucks for you. Let’s realize that the occasional treat, vacation, and time off exercise aren’t inherently bad things. But, you must remember, six pack abs, and an awakened mind/body connection are goals that require constance vigilance.

Ask yourself this: if all my needs were met, what would I be doing? If you are lucky enough to have found your life’s passion, would you pursue it no matter the cost? I see true self-value as the sum of your desires, mixed with intentionality of your actions. Getting six pack abs is journey of consistent and sustained effort with unwavering discipline. If this is your goal, realize that taking an objective view of your life may be necessary.

I see true self-value as the sum of your desires, mixed with intentionality of your actions.

To simplify this concept, imagine someone smarter than yourself. When approached with potential side-tracking decisions, what would this person choose to do? Would they give in to temptation? Or, would they develop an action plan in preparation for these potential missteps?

Know this: it’s impossible to live in a bubble. Stressing yourself to be perfect only leads to one thing: failure in action and mindset. Realizing that there is wiggle room in achieving ideal health in diet and exercise, we can live a purposeful lifestyle that isn’t black and white. We should live in a shade of grey that brings us closer to our goals, without making us miserable.

What should I do vs what will I do?

Our path of least resistance can be summarized with this question: what should I do vs what will I do? We all know what we should do, but I’m a fan of developing strategies of the habits that I can consistently do with ease and reliability. I can easily get my daily training done from home before work, meal prep my meals on Sunday, minimize my possessions to avoid mental clutter and anxiety, and live a life of intention. The opposite of these controllable factors are succumbing to the temptation of laziness, poor food choices and eating out, compulsory shopping and consumerism, and living life in a fog of unconsciousness.

The answer is self-awakening. If your life were a movie, how would you view the protagonist? Would you be ready to call out their impending mistakes? Or, would you acknowledge their discipline and intentional living? Be the star of your life’s movie and set an intention of deliberate action. What occupies your mind should only revolve around what you find true value in.

In the pursuit of nutritional and movement health, remember that self-worth is more easily accomplished through the path of least resistance. Set actionable, attainable, and realistic goals. Remember, this is easy once a framework has been established.

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