The Path to Healing Elbow Tendonitis

What can I say about Scott Olsen…

When my 3.5 year battle with elbow tendonitis flared up from daily rock climbing, I reached out to social media for advice. My good friend Scott Olsen immediately offered his expertise. Scott is a magician when it comes to body work, postural restoration, and sports therapy. I couldn’t turn down his offer…

During my exam, Scott noticed an old tear in my left shoulder. I confirmed that I had injured it performing behind-the-neck military press during my sophomore year of high school. He explained to me the how the tight bundle of muscles in the rotator cuff and surrounding area often “turn off” while other muscles compensate. He explained how this creates faulty patterns that were wrecking my posture and affecting my elbow.

During treatment, I was impressed by the thoroughness of Scott’s body work and his attention to detail. We tested the ROM in my left shoulder and noticed the my rear deltoid and triceps were completely bound and tight. I had been overcompensating in these muscle groups that were desperately trying to hold on. Scott explained to me that by releasing the subscap adhesions I had developed, he was able to achieve it’s full range of motion without interfering with lat and teres function.

Upon completion of the session, Scott took me through ROM of tests where I immediately felt looser. The blood seemed to flow easily into my injured shoulder and elbow. My movement was unencumbered. Scott is an avid Qigong and Kettlebell practitioner – I knew I could trust him. He not only provided me with treatment, but showed me ways to maximize my stability and expression of power in a now-bearable injury. Scott, thanks for your help!

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