Strength to Be – An Essay for Lululemon

What drives a man? Is it the pursuit of the ever-present challenge? The struggle for growth and self-improvement? Or is the struggle a veiled disguise for his search for self-awakening?

A strong man chooses to incline his mind toward love, compassion, and vulnerability. He displays a genuine disposition of loving kindness and unshakable resolve to serve the greater good. His body is strong, but his heart knows no boundaries.

My strength is not defined by my physical aptitude, but by the power of my mind to connect with my inner self and with others. In this noble pursuit, I have been forced to repel my ego’s hold, and instead open my heart to a deep love of self.

I am a man of intention and resolve. Still, I feel pain and sadness for my shortcomings. I once pushed these “unmanly” emotions aside, relying on my masculinity like scaffolding to my broken heart.

This realization sets me free. My self-awakening is opening my heart to my pain, recognizing it without judging, letting it in, and striving to become my highest self.

Every day holds promise. I promise to see, hear, feel and be. My love is strong, my heart is open, and I give myself permission to live. That is a man’s true strength.




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