I Believe Through Suffering We Find Our Worth

I believe through suffering we find our worth.

Some people want cushy lives. They want to relax, sleep in, live in leisure, and eat donuts.

I have found the opposite. I want to earn my down time. I strive to challenge my mind and my body. I want to hit the sheets exhausted and full of gratitude for having worked myself.

By day’s end my goals need to align with my values of hard work. Only then do I deserve to rest.

Suffering is happiness to me. Pushing the limits of what I thought possible is my only solace. It’s simple really: I ask myself what I’m afraid of.

Then in that moment, I commit. I do what I don’t want to do in order to show myself I can. That is my personal freedom. That is what makes me who I am.

The path to self actualization is not lined with roses, but with thorns. Get through the hardship. Find the beauty in the chaos. That is when you are truly free.

Prove your mettle. Your feelings will only get you so far.


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