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Treating Calf and Ankle Pain

  During high school, I suffered 3 consecutive ankle sprains. I completed physical therapy, but I still lacked dorsiflexion in my left side – causing massive pain after squats, sprinting, and jumping. I got together with Dr. Debbie Bright to release tissue using Hawkgrips. The relief was almost immediate.

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Training the Eye Muscles (Eye Exercises)

I love to read. At the young age of 31, I have noticed a bit of degeneration in my vision. I sometimes suffer eye strain from staring at screens and squinting when I read. I have found that by training the eye muscles, my focus and vision has improved. I’ll do this series as maintenance, […]

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Ankle Mobility Exercises

I put together this ankle mobility protocol to increase my dorsiflexion. Multiple ankle sprains had left me with tight, immobile ankles. Working this program consistently 2-3 times per week has shown a steady increase in mobility, benefitting to all of my athletic endeavors.

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