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Strength to Be – An Essay for Lululemon

What drives a man? Is it the pursuit of the ever-present challenge? The struggle for growth and self-improvement? Or is the struggle a veiled disguise for his search for self-awakening? A strong man chooses to incline his mind toward love, compassion, and vulnerability. He displays a genuine disposition of loving kindness and unshakable resolve to […]

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My Favorite Kettlebell Complex

My Favorite Kettlebell Complex – Double Clean + Thruster Eat some junk food this weekend? So did I… 🙈 But don’t fret! Double kettlebell complexes are the best way to burn body fat while also building robust strength and power. This is my go-to kettlebell complex with my double #metrixxelite bells from Kettlebells USA Perform […]

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Pressing Matrix

Strength from all angles.   Kettlebells USA is my bell of choice – the feel and balance of these bells is undeniable and gets me stoked to train.   To build the bent and military press, I like to attack pushing movements from all angles. By varying movements in this “pressing matrix,” one can maximize […]

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