You Would Finally See Me

If I could only show you my mind, you would finally see me.

Our physical appearance is the manifestation of how we live our lives. Our exercise, our nutrition, our mindset, lives through the shine of our skin, the glow of our eye, and the muscle on our body.

But what is a beautiful body without a beautiful mind? What is aesthetic without the engine of thought, love, and understanding?

I endure struggle. I fight to give those I touch a brighter outlook, a better body, and a further understanding of their nutrition and lifestyle. Ultimately, I win. But within my success is failure.

I battle with clickbait. I fight with sensationalist claims on which diet is best… which workout gets you shredded… and how to live your best life.

This is a personal battle that we must approach with caution. We must take the time to experiment with what foods our body reacts best to. We must think for ourselves and not give into consumerism, gurus, and false claims of what constitutes success.

This is my body. It shows the labor of love I have in fitness and physical wellbeing. I have made the best choices for me in order to help those that need guidance. I’m not perfect. I don’t wish to be. I only wish to show up everyday. I wish the same for you. That is why I do what I do: to make you better, to make me better, to make us better.

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