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Getting lean should not suck. It should be fun. It should be sustainable. And it should be just a small portion of an overall awesome life. Join me today and kick-start your own transformation!

StrengthAxis Services

John Parker's services are designed to be as effective online as in person. As a health coach, my goal is to help as many people achieve their ideal health and fitness as possible.

All services offered are designed to compliment one another. This engagement produces a holistic, all-encompassing approach to health and fitness. By engaging in all services, the clients outcome of success heightens. To get the most out of their coaching, clients may choose a combination of services or an all inclusive package. During the on-boarding process, clients will schedule a consultation to discuss the best format to proceed based on goals, interests, and schedule.

Private Personal Training

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and CHEK Exercise Coach, John understands that clients needs vary. In order to achieve success in movement, muscle balance, strength, and body composition, John designs thoughtful programs based on clients' needs. Clients can expect a comprehensive program design to help them achieve their goals rapidly, safely, and concisely.

Online Coaching & Program Design

John has extensive experience in offering online coaching and program design to help clients achieve their goals remotely. Clients work closely with John to design a program with attainable goals and sustainable practices. Online coaching students receive support via email, phone, and video. Perfect for the individuals who are remote or who frequently travel. Use the technology in your pocket.

Nutrition Coaching

Some nutritional principles apply to many, there are many individualized practices that need to be adhered to. John designs advanced nutrition plans that are tailored to the client. By taking an in depth approach to your specific body's chemistry, John is able to create a nutrition program to have clients look and feel their best. By focusing on sustainable practices, clients can expect to achieve ideal body fat percentages, increased energy, and improved digestion. Nutrition is often the core of any healthy lifestyle. 

Diagnostic Lab Tests

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), it is John's professional goal to help clients restore vitality. By examining the root cause of wellness, John is able to address health complaints and symptoms. By providing clients education, guidance, and the tools needed to examine wellness, John is able to use advanced assessments and functional lab testing to find the root cause of health ailments. John is able to create healing protocols that address individual needs through coaching and supplementation protocols.

Lifestyle Coaching

In order to help his clients achieve vitality, John focuses on healing through DRESS (Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplementation). John's programs include nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle coaching, sleep, detoxification, stress management, grocery planning, education, and testing recommendations to ensure clients are addressing all aspects of a healthy lifestyle


Due to varying levels of toxic chemicals and compounds in our soil, the food we eat doesn't contain all the vital nutrients it once did. Many clients need to jump start their health through the use of clinical grade therapeutic supplements. John offers clients access to his personal dispensary on FullScript to buy supplements that are laboratory tested for the highest quality and efficiency on the market.

StrengthAxis Products 

PivotPoint Online Training

Build the body you want, without having to but a ton of equipment or spend a ton of time. Do just the most effective movements and start saving time, while getting measurable results! This is THE cost-effective online training program for those who are self motivated to create massive change.

Bent Press Manual

After going through each phase of the Bent Press, you will be able to handle the balance and movement, while preventing injury. Since we know that people are going to approach you at the gym, we will also teach you how to talk about the movement and describe its benefits so you look like the expert!

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I'm excited every day to see what's going to happen

Just seeing the results, week after week, has been rewarding to keep me focused with a trainer online, rather than in person. I'm full of energy, I don't want to skip a day. I look forward to seeing how many more reps I can do each time, because I'm seeing the results faster. I'm excited every day to see what's going to happen.

Jennifer Maloney  //  Designer

It keeps you on the top of your game...

John is very well organized. He always comes early for the training sessions. His training sessions are always well planned, adapting to the needs of his individual clients. And so training with John means you are always going to get the optimal benefit from your hour at the training facility, being healthy, and mental acuity.

MARTIN CHITWOOD  //  Securities Litigator

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About John Parker

Originally from San Diego, California, John Parker has been involved in organized sports and outdoor activities since a young age. He graduated from the University of California San Diego and soon after became a strength and wellness coach. John streamlines his clients’ results by encouraging total lifestyle design. Clients benefit by implementing diagnostic lab testing, then learning how to effectively manage their nutrition, fitness, travel, and mindset in the most focused way possible. John‘s interests include kettlebell training, hiking, climbing, road trips, and international travel.

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