I’ve always found the word “balance” to be nebulous. Finding equilibrium in #diet#exercise#work, and #play, is less of a give and take, and more a sustained effort to know thyself.

In combatting #adrenalfatigue, my plan of action has been simple: use both subjective and objective measurements to know what type of #movement my body needs for that day. With #nutrition, I’ve found that a low carbohydrate/high fat dietary intake promotes brain activity while decreasing #inflammation. This nutrition also allows me to give my digestive organs a break as #intermittentfasting is much easier when the body is satiated from #fats.

I’ll measure my body’s recovery using #heartratevariability each morning, and ask myself my willingness for a certain type of movement I enjoy – #climbing#strengthtraining#indianclubs#hiking, or #trailrunning. I’ll measure my successful eating based on whether or not I have bloating or inflammation in my body, how clearly my brain is working, and how my performance is during busy days training clients.

The advice I have for you is to fall in the love with the process. A younger me would get bent out of shape if I couldn’t strength train. I would have feelings of loss – that I would lose my gains if I couldn’t train for one day. What I actually realized is that more rest gave me better recovery, more strength, and more appreciation of my time in the gym. I’ve started to love how my body thinks and performs in a state of #ketosis. I feel lean, strong, and capable.

I’ve fallen in love with the process. Life isn’t a quick fix. It’s calculated efforts that accumulate to holistic health over time. Be patient with your health. You didn’t get out of shape in one day. Be in it for the long run. That’s the best thing you can do.