Benefits of Indian Club Training

Benefits of Indian Club Training: 1. Increase in joint mobility2. Shoulder girdle stability3. Development of coordination4. Posterior chain strengthening5. Improved elbow and wrist flexibility6. Enhanced range of motion7. Enhanced movement patterning8. Enhanced neural coordination Best of all: they’re fun.

Upper Back Stretch

I’m sure your back and shoulders get tight like mine. If you’re an athlete, or even sitting at a desk, your mid and upper back musculature is probably weak and overly tight. I’m climbing 5 times per week, so stretching and mobility work have been…

Core Centricity

Practical Thoughts on Aesthetics, Training, and Lifestyle What’s the first thing that enters your head when you hear the word “core?” You probably think of washboard abs, fitness models, and a summer-ready, beach body. I don’t blame you. Well-defined, washboard abs are the epitome of…

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