Kettlebell Complexes I

Kettlebells Needs Kettlebells? I love the originals… Dragon Door Kettlebells are the most perfectly balanced, well-designed kettlebells on the market. Warmup 1. PVC Routine – 10 repetitions each, 30-45” hold on the static stretches 2. Hip Mobility Routine: 15-20 repetitions each, 30-45” hold on the…

Gut Health

Gut Health. The research is in: A healthy gut = a healthy life. Your #microbiome has been deemed your “second brain” for its influence on mood and general wellbeing. When “bad” bacteria run rampant, and “good” bacteria are in short supply, we feel decreased immunity…

Shoulder Health

Shoulder Health From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow #aeschylus. Strength training will produce robustness: capable of ridding the body of #osteoporosis, #sarcopenia, and #dynapenia. But in order to maintain the #primemovers (bigger muscle groups), we must maintain the health of our #stabilizermuscles. Just as the small seed requires quality…

Low Testosterone

Guys, Listen Up: Over the past 6 months I’ve been testing all of my male clients’ #hormones. Even in fit men, I have seen low #testosterone, time and time again. I want to give you some reasons that your T may be suffering: 1. Increased Aromatization to…

Hanging Leg Raise

The Hanging Leg Raise (HLR) is one of the most difficult abdominal exercises. It requires tremendous lower abdominal strength mixed with hamstring flexibility and grip strength. Most people that I see attempt the HLR cheat the movement by only firing their #hipflexors while pulling their torso up with their #lats.

Hip Mobility Sequence

Hip Mobility Sequence.   When I started #climbing 1.5 years ago, I knew that improving my #hipmobility would be a worthy investment. As part of my warmup, I perform this sequence for 1-2 rounds as a safeguard for my hip and knee health.As a note, this sequence incorporates #ballisticstretching, #dynamicstretching, and #staticstretching….

Benefits of Indian Club Training

Benefits of Indian Club Training: 1. Increase in joint mobility2. Shoulder girdle stability3. Development of coordination4. Posterior chain strengthening5. Improved elbow and wrist flexibility6. Enhanced range of motion7. Enhanced movement patterning8. Enhanced neural coordination Best of all: they’re fun.

Upper Back Stretch

I’m sure your back and shoulders get tight like mine. If you’re an athlete, or even sitting at a desk, your mid and upper back musculature is probably weak and overly tight. I’m climbing 5 times per week, so stretching and mobility work have been…

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