Using the Armaid for Elbow Tendonitis

Buying an #ArmAid was one my most worthy investments… This tool facilitates tissue release of the elbow flexors and extensors. I use the ArmAid to apply pressure to knotted trigger points in my forearms and triceps.

I’ve found that a lack of external rotation in my left shoulder has been the culprit of pain in my medial elbow. After releasing painful #triggerpoints in the elbow flexors and extensors, I will place the ArmAid into the medial and lateral heads of my triceps and bring my elbow into full flexion to mimic the demands of #rockclimbing.

If you’re suffering from elbow pain, I recommend this product. This #selfmyofascialrelease can be done daily. I will ensure that my muscles are delivered nutrients and blood flow immediately before training and again before bed.