Gut Health.

The research is in: A healthy gut = a healthy life. Your #microbiome has been deemed your “second brain” for its influence on mood and general wellbeing. When “bad” bacteria run rampant, and “good” bacteria are in short supply, we feel decreased immunity and can develop chronic disease.

Science has uncovered dozens of health conditions based on the influence of gut microbes. Conditions like depression, obesity, chronic fatigue, allergies, and even cancer can be diminished if the gut is healthy.

In my own journey, I had to turn my #nutrition and #lifestyle upside down in order to heal my gut. Using the #GIMap from Diagnostic Solutions, I found out that I had an #hpylori infection. H. Pylori is a virulent stomach bacteria that can cause duodenal ulcers if not treated. This infection further harmed my gut by creating an environment for too many “bad” gut bugs and too little “good” gut bugs.

The first order of business is to eradicate the h. pylori using #masticgum, #dgll, and #matulatea. From here, the SIBO as described above should resolve on its own as long as the diet is low in sugar, high in prebiotic fiber, and proper digestive enzymes are present. I am currently supplementing with the bacterial strains that are low with a few choice probiotic supplements.

Genetically, my digestion has never been great. Doctors usually diagnose this as “irritable bowel syndrome,” but that is more of a blanket term for “I don’t know what’s wrong with you.” Sigh… With health coaches like me can offer you diagnostic lab testing to see exactly what’s happening with you.

In the photo of the lab results, you can see that I have some markers showing how poorly I digest fats (steatocrit). To remedy this, I have started taking a digestive enzyme (lipase) to help further break down fats. You can also see that my secretory IgA is also very low – showing that my #mucosalbarrier is weak. To remedy this, I will take supplements like #lglutamine, #bonebroth, and a few choice supplements by #biomatrix and #microbiomelabs. Lastly, my #elastase reads a low number. This verifies that I am not breaking down my proteins properly. To remedy this, I will take digestive enzymes, fix the SIBO and H. Pylori, all while focusing on macronutrients and #intermittentfasting that support my lifestyle. Once H. Pylori is eradicated, I will resume taking #hydrochloricacid (HCL) to help increase stomach acid.

I can best serve you by ordering a hormone and gut test simultenously. This is the starting place of good health. When you know these numbers, you can better direct your nutrition and lifestyle to support your dreams. Let me know your questions in the comments.