Hip Mobility Sequence.

When I started #climbing 1.5 years ago, I knew that improving my #hipmobility would be a worthy investment. As part of my warmup, I perform this sequence for 1-2 rounds as a safeguard for my hip and knee health.As a note, this sequence incorporates #ballisticstretching#dynamicstretching, and #staticstretching. I’ve always had poor internal rotation of my hips from years of #sprinting, so I really focus on opening up the external rotators.
1. Deep In Line Split Squat x 20 Bounces/side
2. Deep In Line Split Squat – Knee Circles x 10/side
3. Deep In Line Split Squat – Half Pigeon x 10/side + 10-15 Static Hold
4. Half Kneeling Hamstring Rocks x 10/side
5. Hip Flexor Scouring x 10/side
6. Zipper Drill – Hip Capsule Stretch x 10/side
7. Frog Stretch x 10
8. Hip Rocker x 10/side

I’ve been performing this hip mobility sequence daily for 1.5 years and have noticed a significant increase in my mobility. You may need to add more dynamic stretching based on your sticking points. I hope this helps!