Joy – Mountain Biking

Joy – Mountain Biking

I didn’t know that joy could be so simple. With wind whipping across my face, I felt at ease. I felt like a kid. I felt like nothing else mattered.

This weekend I had to share this experience with a loved one: I told her, “it was like nothing else mattered. I felt like a kid, full of opportunity – like I could do anything.”

It has been just over 2 years since I’ve owned a mountain bike. But truth be told, riding bicycles was my first love. At 4 years young I got up on 2 wheels. Through my adolescence I raced BMX. Then in college, I was a member of the UCSD downhill mountain bike team.

Like many of you, I’m a Type A kind of guy. There are great things about the “go-getter” attitude, but we must not forget the bigger picture. I have been guilty of only engaging in exercise and work pursuits that I could check off my to-do list. I had forgotten about fun and the pursuit of adventure.

This year I decided to buy the Ikon Pass so I could get back to my love of snowboarding. In conjunction with more time in the mountains, buying a new mountain bike was a perfect choice. My goal? Just have fun. I don’t want to overcomplicate anything. All I’m searching for is that feeling of being in the moment and the connection to the earth.

Let’s not forget childhood joy. It would be a shame to work all your life and regret not having smiled more.


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