Guys, Listen Up:

Over the past 6 months I’ve been testing all of my male clients’ #hormones. Even in fit men, I have seen low #testosterone, time and time again. I want to give you some reasons that your T may be suffering:

1. Increased Aromatization to Estrogens (due to increased adipose tissue, stress, etc)
2. #Zinc Deficiency (maybe go eat some Oysters)
3. Decreased Blood Supply to the Gonads (underwear too tight?)
4. #Opioid#Alcohol#RecreationalDrugAbuse (you gotta stop)
5. Radiation to the Testes (cell phone in front pocket)
6. Environmental Exposure (like #BPA *TIP*: don’t handle cash register receipts or use plastic water bottles)

We are all metabolically unique and your hormone levels will vary based on your lifestyle. Your first step should be to contact me for a #DUTCHtest to see where your androgens are currently at.

In this video I’m performing a double #kettlebell #pushpress. This is one of my go to exercises when I want to work power development. As opposed to #grinds, where the weight is pushes slowly and using maximal strength, the double kettlebell push press is a #ballistic, where we use the whole body to accelerate the kettlebells upward.

As I’ve discussed, #dynapenia is age-associated loss of power. It’s vital to work power development as it’s the easiest attribute to lose, and toughest to gain.

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