It’s too easy to get caught up in the minutiae of making a living.

If you’re lucky enough to have an occupation that you’re truly passionate about, that helps the common good, and serves a greater purpose, then you’re one of the select few. For many of us, work is about making money, and in the process, we tend to lose ourselves.

Self care is not only important, it is completely necessary. We are only capable of so much reserve in our mental and physical health that we must cherish each moment engaging in our calling.

We must see the bigger picture of our dreams and plan accordingly. For me, it is getting outside to climb, hike, feel the sunshine on my skin, and spend time with my loved ones. We cannot wait until we have fulfilled our financial goals to engage in these activities.

I have had only a handful of days off in 2018. Being self-employed is rewarding, but it also means that I cannot take for granted setting appointments to help my clients and students in their health. My solution for my own good is to plan my time outdoors much in advance.

Not only does this guarantee I will do the things I love, but I also get to look forward to them. What can you do to fulfill your primal desires? Can you schedule time in for fun? Can you make the commitment not to be hungover and useless on the weekends? What is your idea of a “dream life?”

Yesterday I got out to one of my favorite trails in my hometown of Ramona, CA. A loved one and I enjoyed watching the clouds roll over the setting sun while feeling the smooth vibrations of Mother Earth.

My goal for you is to live the life of your dreams. Part of that is work, part of that is play. Finding the balance is up to you.


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