Lucas Lazowick

He’s not trying to break you down at any point. He’s always trying to build you up and I feel good and I feel positive and I feel stronger.

Neal Rosow

The best program is the one that you’re not doing and I guarantee Parker is gonna be able to help you find that.

Prabha Singh

He really talked to me about making sure I reduce my stress and what I should do. I have a desk job, so he told me to get up every hour, walk around, making sure, so he’s involved in more than just the physical workout portion of it, that one hour that you spend with your trainer. I would say do it now. It will really help you, help you for the rest of your life.

Martin Chitwood

His training sessions are always well planned, adapting to the needs of his individual clients. And so training with John means you are always going to get the optimal benefit from your hour at the training facility.

Robin Storfer

Here is a guy who’s super passionate. This is what he does. This is what he loves to do.

Jennifer Maloney

Just seeing the results, week after week, has been rewarding to keep me focused with a trainer online, rather than in person. I’m full of energy, I don’t want to skip a day. I look forward to seeing how many more reps I can do each time, because I’m seeing the results faster. I’m excited every day to see what’s going to happen

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