The Paradox of Choice

How do we separate what matters from mere distraction?

#PavelTsatsouline says, “We in the West are continually dazzled by the latest innovation, seduced by shortcuts, lured by sleek and glossy exercise machines and razzle-dazzle nutritional supplements… Human nature given an opportunity prefers choice to monotony, variety over sameness, but perhaps our affluence is our downfall. We are continually searching for variety (the spice of life) when in #powerlifting it might well be the kiss of death.”

I hold these words with great meaning. When we approach our goals with true focus, we eliminate the superfluous. How might your life be better with less choice? I see lasting change come when clients approach their #nutrition through eating the same healthy foods, setting a #bedtime and wakeup time, and following a purposeful #trainingplan. Our efforts are for naught if we cannot measure our progress without adding in variety at every turn.

How might your life be better with less? I’m not preaching #minimialism, as it’s not the answer to everything… But maybe a minimalistic #lifestyle could get you to your goals faster, with more purpose and drive? Ultimately, this is your choice. Are you going to be the tiger? Or will you be the rabbit?