Supplements: The Performance Stack

Above, we discussed how self-healing is enhanced by taking therapeutic supplements. For the purposes of this article, I am recommending performance supplements meant for fitness and strength enthusiasts. I have taken these supplements for the past 3 years and qualify them by their ability to:

1. Enhance Strength and Endurance
2. Enhance Recovery Potential
3. Peace of Mind in Filling in Nutritional Gaps

Gut Health

Gut Health. The research is in: A healthy gut = a healthy life. Your #microbiome has been deemed your “second brain” for its influence on mood and general wellbeing. When “bad” bacteria run rampant, and “good” bacteria are in short supply, we feel decreased immunity…

Low Testosterone

Guys, Listen Up: Over the past 6 months I’ve been testing all of my male clients’ #hormones. Even in fit men, I have seen low #testosterone, time and time again. I want to give you some reasons that your T may be suffering: 1. Increased Aromatization to…

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